Monday, January 14, 2013

pictures and winners.



mama and papa.


and our trademark epic family picture, always titled: what life is really like.

we had family pictures done with all of my siblings and neices and nephews for my parents for christmas.  these are a few of our favorites.  and to make things work out better, i had commentors on here, and some on facebook.  so i picked one from my blog, and one from my facebook.  the winners of the oh so awesome headband are:

blog commentor: says #4 which happens to be rachael a, whom i met when we were at riley last year.

facebook commentor: says #8 which happens to be nancy b.

thanks for letting me know who is reading, and how you ended up here.  in case you feel unsure about leaving comments, you should know that i like comments.  they make my heart dance.


  1. Oh my heavens, I truly believe that is my favorite family picture ever! Comments always make me happy, too :-)

  2. Comments make me so very happy too. I don't get them often enough.

    I didn't comment on your roll call post because I figured we knew how we met up. NF and all.

  3. Your family pic is beautiful, but the best stand-out feature would have to be the adorable, blissful look on Abigails face xxx