Friday, January 18, 2013

just like her.

we have some parenting philosophies that i believe are common among most parents.  one of them we refer to as being graceful parents.  others might call it 'choosing your battles.'  if abigail wants her hair in five ponytails, most the time, that's what i do.  it might not look awesome.  but i don't care.  if she wants two barrettes, a sparkly headband, and a purple scrunchy in those ponytails, well more power to her.
there are lots of other places this comes into play, but her clothes are definitely my favorite.  for the most part, the only request i have is seasonally appropriate.  so if she wants to wear a summer dress i just ask that she put on long sleeves and something to cover her legs so she isn't cold.  what tends to happen is that she finds her three favorite things in her closet, a shirt, either pants, tights, or leggins, and a dress.  she usually wears either her snow boots or pink sparkly shoes with whatever her attire is for the day.  here, let me share a few shots with you.

red and white turtleneck, turquoise leggins, pink socks with hearts, pink dress with flowers, sparkly pink shoes, read headband, and a sea green purse with animal print.  

white shirt with red and pink paisley flower design, lime green tigths with pink and blue stripes and hearts,  red and white dress with a plaid design, and this was accompanied by her pink and purple snow boots.

red pants, light green shirt with white flowers, purple dress, and this as accompanied by her pink sparkly shoes.

the thing about these outfits is that not matter how ridiculous it is as she's pulling things out of the closet, she looks beautiful in it.  i know, i'm slightly biased, but she still gets compliments when we are out (yes, we leave the house looking like this).  i love her ability to be who she is.  if she feels like carrying a purse that day filled with three things from her doctors kit, a polly pocket, and papers that she's stamped 'happy easter' on, then that's definitely what we will be doing.  i hope someday  to be just like her.  i don't know that there is hope for me to get those same brown eyes, and eyelashes that go on forever, but i want that little heart; the one that says, 'call me princess abigail today' and knows that everyone will.  i want to be bold like her, come downstairs after getting dressed and say, 'how do i look?  papa is going to think i look so beautiful, and he's going to tell me i look beautiful in my dress.'  i want her confidence and poise.  i want her ability to feel comfortable in her own skin, knowing that she is beautiful, and she is smart, and she is worthwhile.
so if you see me out with abigail sometimes, and both of our outfits look questionable, please remember to call us princess and tell us how beautiful we look.  i am only dressed that way because i want to be just like her.


  1. cuteness! and some of those outfits are surprisingly coordinated--she's a little fashionista (:

  2. Oh I loved this post!! Beth is the same way with her choice of clothes. And it's so hard for me to let her go out in these outfits. Beth is comfortable with who she is and doesn't care what others think. I, on the other hand, am nervous about what others might think of her and how they will treat her. I have so much to learn from her.