Thursday, December 20, 2012

the kiss.

i believe it was in august of 2011, i had a little boy i watched overnight.  he was around 11 months old.  and he gave these beautiful, wonderful, open mouthed, slobbery kisses.  he got me once, and my heart started to tremble inside me.  i didn't even know i missed slobbery kisses, but apparently, i did.  and i also all of a sudden wanted to be the mama of two kiddos instead of one.  jason wasn't there yet so i just hung back.  in early november we were at a birthday party for one of abigail's friends.  there was a very tiny little there (about a week old) who snuggled up on jason and fell asleep.  on the walk home that day he said, 'okay let's do it.'
that was around september 11.  we started the homestudy process, getting fingerprinted, so on and so forth. almost two months later we met our little.  it was the craziest whirlwind experience ever.  we didn't have a bed set up for her.  we didn't have clothes pulled out or washed.  we just didn't think that two weeks from our homestudy being finalized we would be meeting our daughter.  but, i love thinking back to that day in august with a little boy giving me kisses, and knowing that this one moment in time led to all of these.

slobbery cheek kisses.

i love this little girl.

best part of being a mama,  ever.

loving how things have come full circle, and my thirteen month old now greets being picked up with big wet cheek kisses.  i think i might be one of the most lucky mamas alive.


  1. slobbery cheek kisses are the best (:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, A.

  2. Oh these pictures are priceless! You are one blessed mama!