Thursday, December 13, 2012

something normal.

there's this thing about kids.  they are amazingly accepting if given the information and ability to be.  they are curious of things that are different, but explain it, show them, and make it seem 'normal' and they think it is too.
this is what we have found with shilo's g-tube and our transition to a blenderized diet.  abigail always wants to know what shilo is eating, what medicine she is taking, and what it is for (she also wants to be a doctor when she grows up).  and i answer those questions every time we feed shilo.
abigail also has a baby doll that had g-tube surgery a while back (i'm actually a pretty great surgeon.  had we known ahead of time, i could have saved us some time and money and just used scissors and a knife to put shilo's tube in.)  she has a very similar tube to shilo's, and abigail has a connector tube as well as a couple of syringes to feed her baby.  pretty much every day this is what happens.
abigail using her blender.

'what are you making?' 'milk, coconut oil, and mustard.' (i've never fed that combination to shilo, just for the record.)

it's going to be loud mama.

are you ready?

ornery face for good measure.

it's done.

pouring it in a bottle.

sucking it up in the syringe.

getting the air out.

a little more.

almost there...

feeding baby.

clamping the tube shut.

is your belly full baby?

taking the extension tube out.

closing the g-tube.

see.  something completely normal.  baby is fed.  dishes need done.  and then baby gets layed down for a nap.  our lives are not nearly as exciting as they look to the curious onlookers we notice.


  1. That is so stinking cute. Our nurse just told us we should trach on of Winston's stuffed animals so this makes me laugh! At first I thought that seemed morbid but now I think I will go for it.

  2. I love this..our five year old has a g-tube and my 4 year old always wants to help..what a great idea : )