Thursday, April 26, 2012


*somebody* totally rocked open heart surgery.  shilo is doing AMAZING!  her sternum was closed tuesday afternoon.  she is pacing on her own.  her vent is being weaned, and we have even heard talk of possible extubation in the next few days.  she is doing amazing.  the biggest prayer needs we have for her now is coming off the sedation meds she's been on for two months.  it can be a rough withdrawal (even with the ativan and methadone to help).

i also wanted to share a story with you.  since i've been here i have met lots of other people.  some of them  have affected me positively.  some of them i have hoped to not run into again.  one of the people i met is another mom who's son had a stem cell transplant.  there are lots of details, but the gist of it is, he got sick a couple of days ago, moved to the icu, and they are preparing to say goodbye to their four year old son.
my heart is breaking for them.  i can't begin to imagine. so tonight, please spend some time praying for their family.  in moments like these my heart cries out 'come Lord Jesus, come!' 

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