Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rock stars.

In case you didn't know it, I have really amazing children.  Daily I am blown away by how intelligent they are, and how blessed I am to be their Mama.  Plus, added bonus, they are both super cute.

So this picture is Shilo being her rock star self.  Do you see how high that head is up off the floor.  This, my friends, is quite amazing for a little girl who has faced the challenges that she has in the first twelve weeks of her life.  But she's not letting that hold her back.  She working on head control, trying to roll over, and batting at toys.  She wants the world to know that nothings going to hold her down. 

I feel like I captured this little bug pretty well in this picture.  She was telling a story here, and at this moment said, 'it was cracking me up.'  I was having a hard time holding the camera steady.  Her personality is as big as life, and she is already determined to start teaching Shilo (she will learn sign language quickly if Abigail has anything to do with it).  Right now she is very into maps and geography.  She can identify nearly all fifty states (although if I try to capture it on camera, or show grandma on skype she won't do it).  I also just found an Usborne book called 'Children's Picture Atlas' at the Goodwill.  She is loving reading it, talking about the maps, and just sitting and looking through it.  Today she curled up next to me and showed me Europe and Asia. 

I am truly in awe of how amazing my two daughters are.  They throw away all the labels they have been given, and prove that investing in your children in whatever way possible can have some amazing results.  Way to go my two rock star girls!


  1. The best way I can capture anything my kids do on camera is to bribe them. "Do you want some Pepsi and cookies Joey? I know you do."

    I fill a medicine cup of Pepsi and put it along with an Oreo cookie on a napkin.

    "If you want this Pepsi and Oreo, you will read this book right now."

    ....Joey reads the book while the camera is rolling.

    Though I don't like to call it bribery. I think of it as payment for services rendered.

  2. Yeah, I can't EVER get my girls to do anything on camera! Your little ladies are as pretty as they are smart. I looked at the picture of Shilo and noticed that she has changed so much since your first pictures of her! It's amazing how much they change during infancy. If you blink you miss it. Doesn't look like you'll miss a single thing.