Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little girls and their pigtails.

Abigail.  Two months.  Nine pounds, twelve ounces, twenty one inches.  Enough hair to rock pigtails.

Shilo.  Two months.  Five pounds, thirteen ounces, eeighteen and a half inches.  Enough hair to rock pigtails.
 There are no bald babies in this household!  And to the commenter who asked if Shilo's hair was red, hopefully these pictures clear it up, but just in case, the answer is yes!


  1. You girls are beautiful! I love little girls and their pigtails ... after three boys who now don't want me touching their hair, I love having one with pigtail hair. :)

  2. Those pigtails are adorable, both sets! My babies are always bald. I had to wait almost 3 years for pigtails. Little girls are so sweet :)