Saturday, July 11, 2009

A writing by Jason and Andrea...

Abigail enjoying her stroller! Daddy sharing his banana with Abigail
and second place runner Trever VH!!

So yesterday's ear tube surgery went was a good reminder of how great our daughter is. She was crying when we went back with her after she woke up, probably because everyone was wearing disney costumes! I almost cried too. As soon as we got food in her she was her normal silly self...actually, as she was eating breakfast she was signing more after every bite...and slept great during nap and was a joy the rest of the day. We had a few people who saw us on our afternoon walk ask if they had done the surgery...what a wonderful daughter. Although, really if she had been a fussy mess, we wouldn't have felt any different about her!
This morning we got up early to do a 5k in Carmel. It was to benefit the Children's Tumor Foundation, which is the organization that does research for NF. Jason ran it (and came in like 5Th and found new respect for his brother for running cross country in high was REALLY hilly, and mostly grass). I walked and only finished half before it started raining. I thought since I had Abigail I wouldn't walk another lap in the rain.However we got to meet the neurologists from Riley who are the doctors at the NF clinic where Abigail will have her first check up in a few months. They were great and there was something comforting being with a whole group of people who understand and have been through the same highs and lows.

We have been having a hard time getting an appointment made for her because we need a referral, or we don't, and we are getting one, but nobody has it has been a huge circle of calling the same people over and over who are beginning to think I am on the not sane side of things. The two doctors talked to us for ten minutes and told us exactly who to talk to for an appointment, and how to deal with insurance. It feels like this huge cloud is gone and things are getting sunnier. I know it might sound silly, but I have honestly layed in bed awake thinking of who I need to call, and what I should say so that my daughter can get to see the doctor she needs to.

So, tonight Jason and I are going to sit on the couch listening to our cassettes of Journey (yes, Journey...perhaps the greatest band ever!) and maybe some Puff Daddy (from when he was Puff Daddy) and watch Back to the Future (since it was the best of the series) on our v.c.r. (don't tell anybody that we STILL have vhs...shhhhh!) We like using parenthesis (because they are fun)!

Living it up in the 80's (they'll be back in another 71 years anyway)


  1. Hey, I'm always looking for more races to run, so let me know if this foundation sponsors another. I would feel good about raising money for a cause that affects someone I know.

    I loved Back to the Future! Is it as good now as it was then?

  2. I didn't know you did I not know that? We didn't actually watch back to the future...jason went back over the blog when i was done and filled in some extra stuff...hence the comment about disney characters...we were listening to journey and puff daddy...but that was as 80's as it got...that's what i get for marrying a goofy man though :)