Tuesday, April 5, 2016

a healing step.

after the arrival of tiny, I had some things that I was sad about.  disappointed.  and, there was nothing I could do about most of them. 
one of the lingering ones though, was the fact that I had Asher a few days before our scheduled pregnancy shoot.  I wanted photos of me at the end of pregnancy.  I had found some really non-cliché ones that I loved, and we just wanted a few that could be thrown in with our newborn shoot.
we knew we wouldn't be doing a pregnancy again.  we made sure.  so I mulled over the idea of doing them anyway.  but it seemed so cheesy. 
and, I decided to do them.  it would be part of the process of healing for me.  so a year after our son was born, no longer pregnant, we did maternity shots.  these are a few of my favorites.

the healing process is different for everyone.  this what part of it for me.  i'm so glad we did it. 

*these photos are copyrighted*

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  1. What a very neat idea. I'm glad you did this for yourself. The photos are very precious, as well as the healing I can imagine you wanted. And I hope you "hogged" as much of that ice cream as you wanted...or shared as much as you chose.
    Nancy in the Midwest.