Saturday, March 15, 2014

'i would've taken him'

there's a news story that's being shared over and over in my facebook news feed right now.  it's the story of a little boy with Down syndrome.  he had a g-tube.  his mom tried, once unsuccessfully, and the second time, successfully, to kill him by putting something in his g-tube.  the first time it was some sort of perfume, when he was a few months old, right before he had heart surgery.  the second time (and the one that killed him) was hand sanitizer.  he was 17 months old.  she told police that she wanted to 'end his suffering.'
the story is heart breaking for about a million reasons.  but, the perplexing part is the comments I see, on the news pages, and on my friend's pages who shared the story.  person, after person, after person writes something along the lines of, 'that's so sad.  I would've taken him.'
if that's really how you feel, then let me share some children, with Down syndrome, that need a home. meet raymear.  he could use a forever family. so could,  noah, and david.

none of those kiddos are tugging at your heart strings?  then feel free to check out reece's rainbow.  they have children from all over the world, in orphanages, who have Down syndrome.  lots of these children will age out of orphanages at some point, and be put in mental institutions where they will likely die within a year. 
we don't have to sit around sad that we didn't show up in time for this little guy.  there are still chances.  there are still children whom you can save from their inevitable deaths, due simply to the fact that they have Down syndrome.  if you have said you would've taken him, then start today, and find another 'him.'  find another child who, for whatever reason, had a first family who said i'm unable to care for this child with Down syndrome. become that child's forever family.  unfortunately, for the first little guy, it's too late.  but for thousands of other children, in the United States, and around the world, there's still hope.

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