Wednesday, January 22, 2014


little has been rocking out, seizure free, for multiple months now.  and, like always, i have been holding my breath as a result.  waiting.  waiting.  and, it happened.  i think at this point it's just something we've accepted as part of our life cycle.  seizures are controlled.  shilo has seizures.  meds are increased or changed.  start over again.
yesterday morning, shilo looked like this.

unable to hold up her head.  eyes are droopy.  a tell tale sign that sometime in the night she had seizures.  sometimes they continue through the morning and are accompanied with vomiting.  sometimes we just know she had them, but don't actually see any more.  yesterday we didn't see any more.  but, her head stays like this, and her eyes often drift in different directions until she looks like this for a while.

when she wakes up, she is never quite fully herself, but she can hold her head up right, and her eyes aren't going in two different directions.  naps do that for me too.  it takes her about twenty four hours to get back to herself again.  but, that doesn't mean our afternoon wasn't full of fun things.

 because seizures are best followed up by eating cheese puffs, and smearing them in your hair.

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  1. Cheezy poofs make everything better... even hair.