Saturday, August 18, 2012


so last week we spent our time in the beautiful appalachian mountains of virginia.  we stayed in a cabin in natural tunnel state park.  we've been to other places that we like, and even go back to.  this, by far, was one of the best accomodation wise, and felt extremely relaxing.  they worked with us for shilo's oxygen delivery and with the special ups delivery we had to get because our home health delivery company flubbed up our stuff and we didn't have enough supplies for the week.  they were super friendly about it as well.

okay, moving on from the advertisement section, here is our week in a few sentences.  we hung out in the cabin when it was rainy.  we hiked in the mornings.  we swam in the afternoons.  we cooked around a campfire.  we saw deer, turkeys, blue taled 'stinks' (abigail's word for skinks), and stunks (abigail's word for skunks, and a much more fitting one).  we went down to the natural tunnel and got to see a train going through.  we rode a chairlift.  there were two sets of bunkbeds in abigail's room, and one naptime we all four slept on a different 'bump' (also abigail's word).  we tried out shilo and abigail sharing a room, and it went so well, we made it official at home too.  we had lots of down time as a family, and just jason and i after the girls were in bed.  we definately came back feeling refreshed.  i'll throw in a few pictures from the week (the two of our whole family were taken by stranger, and we have a digital slr, so they aren't the best shots, but we are still glad to have some with all of us), and leave you all booking your next vacation here as well.  okay, maybe not, everyone else seems to like beaches, but if you like the mountains.....
notice shilo watching her.  i fear for our future.

mama and abigail snuggles.

in front of the tunnel

enjoying my little.

we did a night outside where we took turns doing a 'dancy dance' (from yo gabba  gabba).  this is abigail doing the snorkel.  

papa and abigail helping shilo dip her toes in the water.

smiling at mama bouncing her.

this is what abigail did while jason and i enjoyed....

this view.

an attempt to get a picture with them both.  abigail was not in the mood.

the tunnel from up high.

at one of the highest points in the park.

abigail did this slide, one time.  she didn't like it, but we were proud of her for being brave enough to try.

snapping green beans with mama.

shilo had been looking forward to relaxing in the hammock as well.

practicing head control (and rocking it).

super cute. super onery.

papa and abigail playing cars while it was raining.

this is how abigail 'hiked.'  it goes much faster this way.

she was afraid of the water the first day, and by the end of the week was swimming  around 15 yards on her own.

some more outside dancing (i'm sure our neighbors thought we were the cool family).

shilo enjoyed her time at the pool.

this is all i will add.  and just a little disclaimer because someone always asks.  shilo is still technically on oxygen.  we had a borrowed pulse ox and had just seen her pulmanologist the friday before, so we used it some, but didn't need it much.


  1. Oh it looks (and sounds) like you had a wonderful time. So very glad. You ALL deserved it...its been a rough few months for you guys. I thought of you all night last night as we were smushed into a room in PICU North.

  2. What you said about your vacation reminded me of our vacation in the wilderness in Branson Missouri at Big Cedar Lodge. We stayed in a cabin and we had a huge back deck and it was just gorgeous and quiet and relaxing and just perfect. Sounds like you had your own 'just perfect' vacation :)

  3. looks like y'all had a great time (: