Thursday, July 26, 2012

just the facts.

i'm pushing forward with life right now, but often feel too tired to do much thinking/typing.  so i decided to give you an exciting post where you get to learn all sorts of fun facts about our family.

*i drink a glass of chocolate milk almost ever day during nap time (i wouldn't dare give my children something so unhealthy for them)
*i drink a mcdonald's coke (large coke, no ice, in a plastic cup, not styrofoam) every day. we have told abigail she can have soda when she is thirty.
*one of our favorite family meals is macaroni with tomato juice (not pasta sauce, actual tomato juice), cottage cheese, and brussel sprouts.
*my husband is slightly obsessed with my gazpacho (cold soup).
*my 6'2" husband, and i, share a full sized bed.
*abigail thinks that ice cream trucks are 'music trucks.' the ones in our neighborhood are sketchy, and i will not be telling her otherwise.
*i have an unhealthy love for rap music.  i haven't listened to much since i've become a mama (one again, not good for my kids), but sometimes i work out to it.
*jason and i love journey.  abigail is also developing a healthy love for them.
*abigail can dance the robot and walk like an egyptian (i'm pretty certain we have succeeded as parents).
*i am shilo's favorite parent (this could be up for debate, but jason isn't here to read this right now so i'm going with it, and will accept the ramifications later).
*organizing things makes me happy.  like giddy dancing around kind of happy.
*i am afraid of stinging insects.
*jason is afraid of bats, spiders, and snakes.
*abigail is afraid of remote control vehicles.
*shilo doesn't know what fear is yet.
*i like camping.  some of that has to do with the fact that nobody will judge me for not showering regularly.
*jason and i still hold hands in public.
*we all believe french fries are best when dipped in barbeque sauce.
*sometimes, i think i deserve a reward for not saying snarky things, or becoming physically violent, when i am dealing with certain doctors and medical professionals.  a for real reward.  with money, and a free trip.
*i like my husband, and i like being married.
*i like my kids. a lot.  a lot, a lot.
*i don't like cats.  at all.
*we only have one vehicle, on purpose.
*we don't own a television.
*we don't own cell phones (my husband has a work one).
*we hate the idea of the typical american dream.
*we have less than a year before we pay off all of our consumer debt (one more student loan).
*we LOVE ice cream.
*we have our own waffle cone maker.
*we like being outdoors.
*jason doesn't like the water much, shilo doesn't seem to either.
*i love the water, and abigail is part fish.
*our family has dance parties somewhat regularly.  we turn up the music, and dance like nobody is watching.
*we have an eight year running scrabble score for jason and i.
*abigail is obsessed with veggie tales right now, particularly larry boy.
*we have some of the most amazing friends possible on earth.
*we would like to go to alaska some day.
*i worked at dairy queen in high school.
*jason worked at a local farm picking tomatoes, and melons, and possibly other stuff (i can't remember for sure.)
*i don't really like cooking that much.  i do it so my family will eat.
*i do enjoy feeding my family healthy meals.
*i know how to change my own oil.
*i can change a tire (on the interstate, in a big city, in the dark, while my child is alone in the car, and no police officers or good samaritans offer to help).
*i am extremely passionate about any sort of hatred or nonacceptance of a people group. it's unacceptable.
*my political stance is probably much different than what most people who read my blog assume (although i'm not going to tell you what it is because this isn't a political blog).  is that ambiguous enough for you?
*jason took me to look at the stars for our first date.  he also stole a rose for me.  very romantic/illegal.
*i like things to be black and white.  rules are rules.  they should be followed.
*my favorite parenting book (and the only one i would ever recommend across the board) is 'grace based parenting.'  phenomenal.  even if you aren't a christian....good thinking through what's important, and what isn't.
*i am ridiculously passionate about car seats.  i try hard not to call people who don't have their children in the correct seat.  when a friend on facebook post a picture with their kid in an incorrect seat/direction, it takes every bit of self control i have not to say anything.
*i like to sew.
*i like to crochet.
*i am tired and running out of things to say.

so there you have it.  a list of random things about us.  if you have any burning questions/things you would like to know you should ask me.  perhaps i'll do another post like this sometime. (p.s. i will not answer what my political thoughts are.  already went over that....not a political blog.)


  1. We also love ice cream and Journey and Veggie Tales!

    Not so sure about the macaroni, tomato juice and brussel sprouts though. Might have to disagree with you on that one. :)

  2. I do feel like I know you a wee bit better.

    Let me think of a question for your next similar post...

    What's the best advice you've ever been given?(not parenting related.) Ok, it can be relateable to parenting, but not super- parenting specific.

    I also do a mean robot. Abigail and I will have to have a robot-off.