Monday, July 18, 2011

where for art thou?

Well...let's see. We have been camping, to visit grandparents in the next state over, swimming, gardening, sewing, canning, freezing, and through another surgery in the last few weeks. I'll try to elaborate a wee bit on each one.
First of all, you already knew we went camping. I posted pictures and the like. Fourth of July weekend we went to Jason's parent's house for a few days. Abigail went fishing for the first time (with no hook), we had a cookout, layed in the hammock, she played with cousins and dogs, made donuts, went to the Farmer's Market with Papa and Grandpa (and cousin Aric), and we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Overall it was a delightful weekend.

Abigail and Mama enjoying the hammock.

Making donuts...this is something grandma has done with all the grand kids, but it was Abigail's first time getting to do it.

I think she liked them a little bit.

The swimming and gardening have all taken place in our back yard. We have been trying to stay cool, which is best done in cold water when you lack air conditioning in your home (and the heat index is well over 100). The gardening has been exciting. We have gotten to eat green beans and peas, add some yummy herbs to stuff, and talk about how it is growing. We have some tomatoes that are almost ready, and some basil. So next grocery trip I will be getting mozzarella cheese to make caprese salad. It is a summer time favorite of our Mediterranean loving family.

I have been doing a wide range of fun things with my sewing machine. I made Abigail a sling for her baby doll (purely because I get tired of having to carry her when Abigail wants to bring her along), and found this cute pattern for a little girl skirt. I have made both a single layer and double layer one. I have no pictures of them, but I promise you they are uber cute, and the easiest things I've ever made (they took me 15 and 30 minutes).

Abigail 'fooching' her 'brown baby' in the sling I made her.

I have started putting away food for the winter from our garden, things that are on sale, and things people give me. I made strawberry and raspberry jam, and have frozen peas and green beans. I am looking forward to canning spaghetti sauce for the first time this year using our tomatoes and herbs in the garden, and juice like I do every year. Canning is one of those skills that I am SO thankful it got passed down to me. It saves us so much money every year...and most of my jars/canning stuff are either hand me downs, or items I've gotten for really cheap at a garage sale. After a few years the purchases pay for themselves anyway.

And last but not least, Abigail had her tonsils and adenoids taken out. That, my friends, has by far, been the hardest/most painful procedure she has had to date. We are on day five, and eating is still very hit or miss, even if we offer her ice cream or Popsicles. She is still in pain during the day, but more so is waking at night and during nap crying in pain. She is clingy and just not fully herself. Supposedly though days 3-5 are the worst. So I'm believing it can only get better from here. Although nothing could top our day two where she was in so much pain she refused to even swallow her saliva. We got an extra day in the hospital (2 nights 3 days) because she wouldn't take anything orally, and began vomiting. I don't know if it's always this bad for everyone, or if she just reacted worse than most kids do (although I think most kids are a little older when they have it done). All I know is that the surgery was to (hopefully) get rid of her sleep apnea (and night waking from it) and thus far we have been up every two hours with he since the surgery. And to be honest the last week before the surgery she was up a couple times each night because of the apnea. We are beginning to wonder if sleeping through the night (which she did from 6 weeks until around 18 months) is a thing of the past.

All right, I think that is all of our going-ons. We have lots more fun stuff planned for the summer so I'm sure I'll still be hit or miss in blogging, but will try to keep you updated.

Praying for sleep,

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  1. Lots of love and prayers for Abigail to be back to her normal self and sleeping through the night.